I have taking 80mg simvastatin for the last 3 plus years and am having extreme muscle distress am I screwed

Not necessarily . May have myalgias or myosotis from the medication. Stop the medication for 3-4 weeks and see if the symptoms resolve. If not then they are unrelated to medication. If symptoms resolve restart medication and see if they reappear. If they do then they are certainly related to the medication.
One . One of the most common symptoms associated with Simvastatin is muscle aches. In more serious cases it can lead to a myopathy/rhaddomyolysis (muscle damage) which can lead to renal (kidney) failure in severe cases. I suggest you see your doctor right away. The medication can be stopped if deemed necessary, and if any serious problems are found they can be treated. The key here to not being "screwed" is to see your doctor right away for prompt evaluation and treatment. Good luck.