Spottn after sex its been twice I have sex and start spottn & now im crampin its goin to be the second time getting my period this mnth, I've been diagnosis w/pcos b4. I have. Clear whitish discharge at times. What does it mean?

If . If you are spotting after intercourse you need to have an examination by your primary care provider or gynecologist sooner rather than later. You may be dealing with an infection(yeast or even an std like gonorrhea or chlamydia), uterine fibroids (benign tumors of your womb), cervical lesions/abnormalities(often pre-cancerous cells). The discharge may be a clue to the diagnosis, but will have to be taken into account with the exam and history obtained by your doctor, so please schedule an appointment right away. You will most likely have a pelvic exam, including a pap smear and any other additional tests the doctor feels are in order. Good luck.