Could I have prostatitis, or kidney stones, or what? I am a 19 year old male. I had some lower back pain and occasional burning of my urethra during urination for weeks. I went to the doctor and after urinalysis tests; he said that I didn’t have urethri

Need a urine culture. You need both a urine culture (called a c&s) as well as testing for stds. Kidney stones feel like someone is stabbing you in the back and are amazingly painful continually, not only when you are urinating. For the diagnosis of prostatitis, you would need to actually have the prostate milked vis your rectum, a rather unpleasant test.
Prostatitis . Prostatitis or urethritis are a possibility. You should have a medical evaluation to test for these possibilities. Your symptoms are concerning, especially that your urine appears thick and that you are having discharge from your penis. Please have a medical evaluation. If you develop fever, pain, or vomiting then you must be seen as an emergency.

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I'm having horrible lower back pain and painful urination along with blood in my urine. Am I passing kidney stones or do you think it's a UTI?

UTI vs kidney stones. Actually, it's not uncommon to have both urinary tract infection & kidney stone. We usually think of the stone as the source of infection. Both infections & stones can cause pain & bloody urine. Fever would tip scale towards UTI. Best to see your Family Doc for diagnosis & treatment. Read more...