What causes dark circles under your eyes, and how do you get rid of them?

Dark Eye Circles. In most circumstances the dark circles that form under the lower lids are a result of leaky capillaries in the thin skin of the lid. This problem has no predictable solution, though many creams claim to improve this condition. In some cases, the circles are due to a deep indentation at the "tear trough" line between the lid and the upper cheek. Fillers may help to camouflage the shadowing.
Thin skin! Thin skin can cause more reflection of blood vessels. Also, patients with allergies tend to have darker under eye shadows. A good product for this area is teamine. Also, sometimes the area under the eye (tear trough) is hollow and may require a filler. The filling of the tear trough also diminishes the dark shadow.
Darkness under eyes. Pigment in the skin, tear trough deformity with loss of bony volume and excess fat contribute to the appearance of dark circles. Treating the pigment with roshni, total fx laser to tighten and rejuvenate the skin, arcus marginalis release, and tear trough implants all help to lessen dark circles.
Varies. Pigment-- bleaching cream. Venous plexus visible through thin skin-- may be difficult. Fat grafting may help. Juviderm/ Restylane (dermal fillers) too near the surface will look dark.
2 causes. Many times the circles are the result of shadow effect created by bags( make up can not cover these). Bags are genetic predisposition to herniate the natural pockets of fat. For these, surgical treatment is really the option. For darker color skin, there are bleaching creams that might reduce the color but major caution should be taken around the eyes ( make up in these cases is the best solution.