Complications of cubital tunnel surgery a "second opinion" neurosurgeon (from our same ppo) is suggesting an operation to re-route a nerve due to anterior subluxations after the failure of cubitual tunnel surgery; meaning, to loop the nerve around the el

Reasonable. Most often, a cubital tunnel decompression will not have to be revised. Sometimes, moving the nerve forward is necessary, either because the nerve is unstable or because the decompression was not enough surgery to take care of the original nerve problem. Currently treatment is most often to perform a decompression and then do the transposition later only if necessary.
Sounds reasonable. It sounds like they are recommending an ulnar nerve transposition. This is commonly done if someone is still having ulnar nerve problems at the elbow. Good luck.
Revision . Revision surgeries are needed from time to time. Prior to considering a revision surgery you should try sleeping with an elbow extension brace at 45 degrees. I have a fellowship in hand surgery with extensive experience is peripheral nerve surgery, and have decreased the number of ulnar nerve surgeries using bracing. Discuss with your doctor the option of using medications such as Neurontin or Lyrica (pregabalin) for this together with the bracing. My personal preference is for lyrica (pregabalin).