What causes itchy rash that spreads but not to others? We recently moved and after cleaning new place I have developed a rash that is spreading over body from head to toe. I itch constantly and feel like I am being bit. My wife has none of this. What

Rash. Might be hives but a rash is best treated when a doctor can look at it to best evaluate, diagnose and then provide treatment. See your doctor.
This . This sounds like an allergic reaction, possibly due to a cleaning product being used while cleaning your new place, or another exposure, even food allergies can cause this. In situations such as these Benadryl (diphenhydramine) can be used, however if the rash gets worse or a fever develops then medical attention should be sought. By the date of this post it has been almost a week now, if the rash has not resolved as of yet, i definitely encourage you to visit a medical professional right away. I hope you are better.