What are the possible complications of an abdominoplasty?

Relatively low. Loss of skin at the lower end of the flap and infection more common in diabetics and smokers plus others with metabolic disease. "dog ears" are not a complication. Pts cause complications by wearing jeans or other too-tight waist band cloths too soon.
Ask your surgeon. Your plastic surgeon will give you a detailed list of the risks for your abdominoplasty. In general, the odds of serious complications are increased in smokers and overweight patients. I have found that the chances of fluid buildup known as a seroma are lower with the use of a technique called progressive tension sutures.
Many... Rare complications include deep venous thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, pneumonia, infection, bleeding, and even death.   Other types of complications that are more likely include superficial incision line healing problems ( wound healing problems), seromas,  abdominal wall asymmetry, abnormal scarring, unsatisfactory cosmetic result…Careful selection of plastic surgeon important.
Tummy Tuck Info. The most common complications typically involve some form of delayed healing, fluid collection, or infection. Far more rare but more serious complications include blood clots in the legs that can travel to your lungs and become life threatening. Thankfully these are far more rare and your overall risk depends on any other medical problems you may have.
Complications Part 2. (continued) with/without pulmonary embolism, distortion with muscular contraction, discomfort, numbness, interference with subsequent surgical procedures, need for secondary surgical revisions, and inabiltity to guarantee a specific cosmetic result.
Complications Part 1. There are risks to crossing the street or flying in an airplane and, of course, there are risks to any surgical procedure. These risks can occur regardless of surgeon or technique. These include but are not limited to: infection, hematoma/seroma, discomfort, wound breakdown, hypertrophic scar formation, asymmetry, unfavorable healing, palpable sutures, depressed scars, deep venous thrombosis with.
Few. The most common complications are infection, seroma, hematoma, and delayed wound healing. In a healthy individual complication rates are very low.
Skin necrosis. Most common are skin necrosis or death of part of the skin in the center of the upper side of the incision. This is much more likely in diabetics and smokers. Seroma or fluid collection is also very common but easily managed. Final scar quality can be poor and has llittle to do with surgical technique.
Fluid collection. One possible complication with the abdominoplasty procedure is fluid collection, also known as a seroma. This can be avoided in mos cases with proper surgical technique, use of drains, and post operative garments. Learn more about post operative complications with tummy tuck procedures here: http://www.Cosmeticsurg.Net/blog/2008/12/03/tummy-tucks-how-to-reduce-swelling-and-eliminate-fluid-collections-seromas/.