I'm pregnant with PID and I need a theraputic abortion I need any doctor to call my ex boyfriends mother and say that my infection has cleared up and it safe to do so please help ill explain more to why

Wrong place to look. If you came to this site looking for someone to make the call you are in the wrong place. This is a public information site. We do not offer direct patient services to anyone. You can authorize your treating physician to make such a call or do it yourself. If they won't or it is a lie, you need to sort it out on your end.
I . I suggest you call the doctor that is treating you, and ask if he/she will speak to the person in question. You must give permission for any information to be released concerning your care. Every doctor/office is different, they may want you to come in or they may choose to handle your request over the phone. Please feel free to provide more information and questions to avvo.Com at any time. Good luck.