Woke up two days ago with a firm bump next to my right eye it has progressed to my eye being swollen. There is no discharge I am a 20 year old male

Your . Your description suggests a chalazion (commonly referred to as a stye). This is a non-infectious inflammation of oil-producing glands of the eyelid that typically occurs spontaneously (without a known trigger). A chalazion can be treated with warm compresses and prescription medications. Other possibilities include an inflammed cyst or even a cellulitis (skin infection) which must be excluded and, if present, treated. I recommend you contact your ophthalmologist for evaluation as soon as possible so you can start the proper treatment.
This . This bump is likely a chalazion which is a fancy way to say a pimple near the eye. The best way to treat this is with the use of warm compresses. Take a dripping warm wet wash cloth and lay it on your eye. When it cools off, warm it back up again. Do this as much as possible. Your objective is to get this to open and drain. If this does not get better, consult an ophthalmologist.