Need to ask question about cancer treatment. Had hysterectomy 9-26-11 pathology found cancer in the uterus muscle. Oncologist stated treatment would include chemo and radiation although no further cancer was found after the CT scan. What kinds of questi

Cancer type importan. It really depends on cancer type, grade, and stage. There are endometrial cancer invading muscle or a cancer of smooth muscle or cancer of endometrium stroma. Treatment varies for each cancer type. Also need to know some tissue markers such as estrogen receptor or progestin receptor status.
I . I hope you have recovered from your surgery well. There are two main groups of uterine cancer that can involve the muscle. The more common type starts in the lining of the uterus and may grow into the muscle. This is called an endometrial carcinoma. The appropriate treatment for this after surgery will depend on how aggressive the cells look under the microscope, which is called the grade of the tumor as well as if there was any evidence of cancer outside the uterus. If this is what you have, you will most likely benefit from some sort of radiation which may include about 5-6 weeks of daily external radiation to the pelvic area and/or a few days of outpatient internal radiation to the vagina. Chemotherapy might be recommended as well if the cancer has spread outside the uterus or if the cells are high-grade. The other group of uterine cancers are tumors that actually started in the muscular wall of the uterus. These are called uterine sarcomas. There are multiple types of these tumors too and the appropriate post-operative treatment depends on the type of tumor and how far it has spread. This may consist of no further treatment, hormonal therapies, radiation or chemotherapy alone, or both in combination. You need to ask: 1) what kind of tumor you had. 2) what is the stage and what does this mean in terms of where the cancer was in your body. 3) what is the grade. 4) what treatment guidelines and data are being used to make the treatment recommendations. 5) what exactly the treatment will entail. 6) what are the expected short and long term side effects. 7) what benefit do are the treatments expected to give in terms of improving the cure rate.