Is there any way to have a facelift naturally without surgery?

No. No. Fillers and lasers may help, but only a surgical facelift will produce the lasting results of a facelift.
Expectations. The more invasive the procedure, the more results you can expect. If you desire modest improvement, laser resurfacing, lipo, fillers and " mini facelifts" can help. But none of these will equal the results provided by a well done face lift.
No. There are many creams and lotions out there. There are modalities like botox, fillers, and laser. They all have their place. A facelift is a surgical repositioning of tissue. It is three dimensional and can be very powerful. Best to see an experienced surgeon to see what is best for you.
No. One option is fat injections which restore volume, but won't correct excess skin.
Ultherapy lifting. Ultherapy can provide a lift, although not the same extent as a face lift, by introducing focused deep ultrasound energy into the deep dermis. This tightens, lifts and produces more collagen. It is not a "natural" treatment but it is non-invasive.
Ultherapy. There is a new skin tightening device by "ulthera" which uses ultrasound technology to deliver energy into the deeper skin & soft tissues of the face resulting in some lifting of the neck, cheek, and forehead skin. The device is fda cleared & safe to use. I would recommend seeking advice from a facial plastic surgeon. Ultherapy is not a substitute for a real facelfit when needed. Hope this helps!
Facelift. There is no way to have a facelift naturally without surgery. Aging is a natural process.
Facelift surgery. Facelifts require surgery. Do not be fooled by "liquid" or other non surgical procedures. Lasers, peels, and fillers can improve a facelift but not replace it.
Not really. Most non-invasive or minimally invasive "facelift" techniques focus on tightening the skin and ignore the underlying problem of volume loss in the face. While they may offer some temporary fix, none of them (facelifts included) are "natural".
Get a consultation. There are many different techniques both surgical and non-surgical for rejuvenation of the face. What will work best for your depends mightily on your face what type of improvements your desire. Seek a consultation with a qualified facial plastic surgeon and you should be able to get some definite recommendations for the best way to get the results you desire.
Maybe. Depends on your face/neck and aging change extent. Often use of fillers, fat grafting or minimally invasive tightening (like radiofrequency use), and surface lasers will produce a more full, more youthful appearance without significant invasive procedures.
Actually, yes. You are 28 years old and there are numerous alternatives. Non-invasive skin tightening, laser resurfacing, volumizing agents (filler/fat) are all options. Be aware, however, that results are less impressive than surgical facelifts and often multiple modalities are necessary to address all aging concerns.
Fat injection faceli. Fat injections can help but there have been cases of blindness reported after fat injections.
Combined. Slim lipo and fat grafting is an excellent alternative in some cases.
No but other options. Though we use the term "facelift" to include a lot of different things, a surgical facelift reshapes the face is a 3-dimensional way that skin tightening and filler injections alone cannot. However, if there is little skin laxity then treatments like ulthera or thermage could be helpful, and fat transfers or fillers such as radiesse, juvederm, and Restylane (dermal fillers) definitely have a place.
Fat injections. Using various fillers such as radiesse, (dermal fillers) juvederm or own patient stem cell fat, one can creat a filling of the face and produce in some degree a lift.The limitation is the amount of sagging but some improvement can be made. Stem cell fat lift is the most durable.
No. While diet, heredity affects ones skin tone. Non-surgical facelifts are gimmicks that do not work.
Fat injections. Fat injections to the face can restore the dermis to it's fullness, and give the face a more youthful appearance. However, fat injections are considered to be a 'surgery', but the procedure can be performed under local anesthesia.