Is there an acupuncture facelift treatment?

No. Acupuncture is good for many things. However, there have been no reports of successful facelifting with such treatments.
Not quite. I think what you are talking about is something called percutaneous collagen induction therapy or micro needling. It looks like a wheel with a series of needles on around it . It is rolled on the skin, creating many tiny holes. These micro wounds are supposed to stimulate the body to lay down new collagen. I don't have any experience using it, so i can't comment on its effectiveness.
No. A facelift is the resuspension of soft tissue of the face. It is a three dimensional operation that can be quite powerful. Acupuncture can be a useful treatment for various issues. It does not resuspend the tissues.
Alas, No. It would be nice, but acupuncture can't give any sort of lift. There are a variety different options to improve the appearance of the face besides a facelift. The best option depends on your individual wants and needs, but other options like botox, sculptra, fat transfer, dermal fillers, etc may all help address certain stigma of aging. See a qualified facial plastic surgeon in your area!
Claims vs Results? There are some claims made about acupuncture or accupressure techniques to improve skin complexion and circulation as well as lymphatic massage methods. However their effectiveness and longevity are not clearly understood.
Nope. Gravity and laxity of the skin result in facial aging and sagging around the mouth, jawline, and neck. The only way to significantly correct for these signs of aging is gather up and remove the redundant skin and soft tissues. As you can imagine, acupuncture does not allow for removing these tissues. Hope this helps!
Acupuncture facelift. Well, my initial reaction is NO! But if yo are looking for an improvement in how you feel, patients say that acupuncture makes them feel better. But acupuncture does not remove extra skin. This is the main benefit from a surgical facelift.
Cosmetic acupuncture. I do not practice cosmetic acupuncture. However, I have noticed at least several books on the subject. They focus on the facial skin. I know no one who does this type of practice - so I have no way to know how beneficial they might be. If it works- I should get it done (:.
Yes. Benefit is to the acupuncturist's wallet unless placebo effect is in effect. I doubt reputable acupuncturists do it.