Could thyroid disease be linked to infertility? I have been reading a lot about thyroid disease symptoms and think I may have a thyroid problem. I have never had insurance and don't go to doctors offices unless im almost dying. I have a lot of unexplained

Thyroid disease. Having an under or overactive thyroid gland can cause some challenges with getting or maintaining a pregnancy. Getting the proper treatment will help significantly.
Low . Low thyroid hormone does indeed interfere with ovulation and can impair fertility. Many people with low thyroid hormone levels will miss periods due to not ovulating. Also, underlying conditions such as a pituitary disorder can cause thyroid abnormalities and can impact fertility - a double whammy. And even if you were to get pregnant, if you have a thyroid disorder, it can increase your chance of miscarriage or problems with the baby if your hormone levels are not closely monitored. So for all of these reasons, you should contact your doctor for an exam and possibly blood tests to evaluate whether you have a thyroid problem.