Is co2 laser skin resurfacing safe for the genital and breast areas? I'm a 28-year-old model and was wondering whether co2 laser is safe for smoothing skin in the genital and breast areas (like skin tags).

CO2 . Co2 is a strong resurfacing laser with risks if not done correctly. Because you would be targeting areas that do not heal well, i would not recommend any type of laser for either area. If you have only a few skin tags, then an electrodessication would work quickly and create the least problems. Dermatologists use an small devise that quickly burns off skin tags. The further away from the face, the longer it takes the skin to heal because there are fewer hair follicles which speed up tissue healing. Be careful. You don't want to end up with scarring or infections.
CO2 . Co2 laser isn't typically used for the genital and breast areas as there would be concerns that the resulting wounds wouldn't heal normally. Skin resurfaces after a laser peel via the surrounding hair follicles. If there isn't a good enough supply of follicles scarring of the skin can develop. The good news is that skin tags can be treated with other methods such as electrodessication or simple excision.