Should I seek help for this recent nerve problem? Hi, I am a 23 year old male, 6' 1", 165 lbs. I noticed an emerging nerve problem in the last few weeks. While flexing my feet or walking/working, I feel a tingling or electricity like feeling going throug

Yes. Especially if you have low back pain i would suggest x-ray and MRI with a consult with orthopedics or neurology.
Possible sciatica. Above statement is incomplete. If the electric sensation travels from leg to the lower back or buttocks then it suggests sciatic pain. You should seek help if it has not resolved for several weeks.
You . You should seek medical help from a physician. While it is possible that the symptoms you describe are benign, it is not common for a 23 year old man to develop a new, worsening, neurological complaint. Symptoms like the ones you describe could be caused by a serious problem in the nerves in your limbs (the peripheral nerves), the spinal cord, the brain, or other body part. These problems could be caused by inflammation, infection, immunological problems, toxins, and a number of other conditions. Your physician can ask you more questions about what the symptoms feel like, when they started, things related to the onset of symptoms, related problems, and other important factors. Your physician can also examine you for any abnormal neurological or other medical findings, to come up with a list of possible causes, and then conduct tests to check for those causes.