Is there a standard medical leave time for a tummy tuck?

What kind of work? It depends on the kind of work you do. You could probably go back to work in 2 to 3 weeks if you have desk job. For a manual worker it would be more like six weeks.
Not really. It averages a month so so but depends upon the philosophy of the surgeon and the type of work. More physical work equals more time off.
Sick time. I generally recommend that most working patients take two weeks off from work. A few patients have needed more time, but some patients are able to return to a desk job after 1 week.
Depends. On what type of work you do, how much you like your work and what your pain tolerance is. Most people take advantage of the family medical leave act which guarantees their employer will hold their job for up to 3 mos. Uusally by 6 wks there are no activity restrictions but 2-3 weeks seems to be a reasonable amount of time off for most people.
No. There is not a standard time, as each patient's recovery and condition varies. Most patients can return to normal non-strenuous activity in 2 weeks.
Not really. Some go back to non- physical work in days. Work that requires use od abdominal muscles will require more like 2 weeks.
No. but medical work excuse can be provided. Employer does not have a right to know what procedure you had done.
Tummy recovery. Typically this is two weeks for sedentary type jobs not requiring strenuous physical activities.