Purulent pericarditis & leaky valve I was treated for purulent pericarditis at age 7 now at 47 am told I have a leaky valve and some wall hardening. Is there a correlation between the two? I have been told that on a scale of 0-10 (10=heart attack----0=per

Probably. If you had a mild infection of the valve at that time it can produce a leaky valve. They also may not be related. You need to be seen by a cardiologist, regular follow up and advice.
Yes, . Yes, it is very possible that the valve problem you have is related to the prior infection you had at age 7. Infections in the heart can cause valve problems, as the infection can destroy valve tissue. Please seek an evaluation with a cardiologist as it sounds like you have a very concerning past medical history. If you develop chest pain, shortness of breath, palpitations (feeling your heart beat rapidly or irregularly), or feel lightheaded then you must be evaluated as an emergency.