I wash daily and still have a bad body odor please I need help this is really ruining my life

Body . Body odor is typically caused by the growth of bacteria on the skin made worse by perspiration or sweating. A few things you can try at home are: -bathe daily or twice a day -choose shoes, socks and clothing made of natural fibers which allow your skin to breathe -rotate shoes to allow them to dry in between wear and change sock often -use antiperspirants nightly -eliminate foods from your diet that may increase body odor such as garlic, onions, and heavily spiced food if over-the-counter antiperspirants or deodorants are not helping, talk to your doctor about prescription strength ones. Antiperspirants block the sweat pores and work best when applied at night to clean, dry skin in the areas most prone to sweating. Deodorants usually contain alcohol to keep bacteria from growing and perfumes to mask the smell. If you are suddenly sweating more than usual, having night sweats or if your body odor has changed, you should see your doctor as soon as possible since this could indicate a more serious medical problem.