Do I have macular degeneration I have noticed that my left eye aches and waters often, other symptoms are slight blurred vision and looking at a light outside at night I notice a sparkling affect. Both my parents had the above eye disease. Thank you for

Hard to say. the described symptoms are very broad, and other than the blurred vision, not typical for macular degeneration. Aches and watering are very general symptoms. I suggest getting a good eye examination by an EyeMD.
The . The only way to make a definitive diagnosis of macular degeneration is by a dilated retinal examination by your local ophthalmologist or optometrist. Generally, macular degeneration is not associated with any pain or tearing. There are many potential causes of visual blurring and a "sparkling effect" when looking at lights, and these symptoms are not specific for macular degeneration. The most common type of macular degeneration, the dry type, has no symptoms at all for many years. The more advanced wet type can be associated with blurred vision and visual distortion (metamorphopsia). If a straight line, such as a telephone pole or door frame, appears bent, jagged, or curvy, this can be an indication of the wet type, which is a medical emergency. With your family history of macular degeneration, i would suggest having a dilated retinal examination. Also, if you are a smoker, stop! smoking is one of the proven risk factors for macular degeneration.
Soreness . Soreness and watering of your eyes are not symptoms of macular degeneration. If you have a history of macular degeneration, you should see an ophthalmologist for a comprehensive dilated examination and tell them of your history. The best way to prevent macular degeneration is to not smoke and to eat a balanced diet high in leafy green vegetables.