I woke up and coughed up phlegm and blood. My throat felt painful and raspy. After several minutes of coughing blood and phlegm, the sputtum was clear; no blood. The pain and raspiness also disappeared. I have no sores or injuries to my mouth or throat. W

Have a physician che. You may have had a broken the capillary blood vessel in the back of your nose or throat . It would be advised to have a physician to check use to see if there's any other problems.
Bloody sputum . Please have an ENT check you out. This is even more worrisome if you smoke or drink. This should be evaluated by a physician. They can see the nose and all of the throat with an endoscope. Good luck. Feel better.
Hemoptysis . Hemoptysis is the medical word for coughing up blood originating in the the lungs, bronchi, trachea (wind pipe) or larynx (voice box). The 3 main causes in an adult are bronchitis, bronchogenic carcinoma (cancer) and pneumonia, though it can also be caused by tuberculosis, a foreign body or even something unrelated to the lungs such as a nosebleed or stomach/esophagus bleed. You should call your doctor and schedule an appointment to be seen since some of the causes can be very serious. If you start coughing up blood again, call you doctor immediately or go to the er.