Does a psychiatrist need my signed consent to change my diagnosis? I saw a psychiatrist once a month for 5 minutes, while he wrote me a prescription. Nothing other than that ever happened. There was never any type of "diagnostic process". He changed my

While . While physicians do not need consent to change you diagnosis. It certainly seems as though you feel he did not even "evaluate" you and you felt he didn't know you and gave you this diagnosis unjustly. It also sound as though you tried to contact the office, but "haven't gotten any answers". This can be very frustrating and unsettling. I can see the dilemmas you are facing to be possibly as such: you might make an appointment to discuss the issue with the doctor directly. The other option would be to get a second opinion. Both choices have pros and cons. If you do not discuss the problem with your doctor, you will be left with the anger and frustration that might be able to be resolved. However, of course, there is the chance it might not be and that would also leave you feeling badly. In the second option, it is hard to see someone new and you have already had this "bad" experience, and there is no guarantee this new doctor will be better and there is a risk they could be worse. So i can see the difficult position you are in and how upsetting it must be for you. I am sorry you have had this experience. I hope you find that things go better, either with talking to your doctor or to a doctor that provides a second opinion. All the best. Dr. Lauro.
A . A physician does not need signed consent to make or change a patient's diagnosis, as this is part of the process of evaluating and treating a given individual and many medical conditions do not remain static. However, it is certainly your right to question a diagnosis and ask about the basis for your physician's decision. Your next appointment should be used to address this issue, and you might want to call ahead to ensure you are allowed sufficient time. Good luck!