Vaginal odor from frequent sex how do you get rid of it to enjoy your partner sex as much as twice a day

Do . Do not assume the vaginal odor is from frequent sex. Vaginal odor may be a sign of infection(yeast, bacteria, std), or even a foreign body lodged in the vagina (i.e. Tampons) can be the caused. I know that may sound shocking, but you would be surprised how many foreign bodies I have found in the vagina after a patient complained of vaginal odor. You should schedule a visit with your primary care doctor or gynecologist for an evaluation and testing in order to determine the cause of your problem and provide treatment. Hopefully this will alleviate the odor. If nothing is found and the odor persists, try taking a bath instead of a shower after intercourse, you can add a liittle vinegar to the water which may help. Good luck.