Is it very painful during recovery from breast augmentation?

Depends on Surgery. This varies on the placement (over or under the muscle) and size of the implants as well as the individuals response to pain.
Not usually. Breast augmentation is real surgery. You will have some discomfort. There will be pain from the incision, and from the stretch on the muscles. The amount of pain is variable, but is usually well tolerated.
No . Breast augmentation is not very painful- especially if the implants are placed above the muscle- recovery time is usually 2-4 days.
Occasionally. Once in a while a patient will find it so for a few days. Asps plastic surgeons have techniques that make it very tolerable for most.
Yes and No. If your breast implants are placed under the muscle , you will definitely experience pain after surgery. However, the pain can be reduced with a pain pump.
Rarely. Breast augmentation causes a pressure sensation in your chest which is usually well controlled with whatever pain medication your surgeon prescribes.
Controlled. Most patients experience pain and soreness after breast augmentation. At its highest intensity it may last one to three days. Pain and soreness can continue to 1 to 2 weeks. It is usually well-controlled with pain medication.