Left ear feels like it has water in it causing vertigo female -- age 60

Ear . Ear fluid is a common problem for a lot of kids and some adults. It is due to eustachian tube dysfunction (when the tube that connects the ear to the throat is not draining properly). Since there are no medications shown to alleviate the pressure or drain the fluid from behind the ear drum, it has to be done by a surgeon with a suction and/or ear tubes. You can try taking Motrin or tylenol (acetaminophen) for the ear discomfort, but the fluid will either have to drain out on its own (which happens most of the time) or drain out from an ear surgeon poking a hole in the drum to let it out. The symptom of vertigo, however, is uncommon only from eustachian tube dysfunction and should be looked into by your doctor or an ear nose and throat specialist. It is important to differentiate vertigo (the sensation of the room spinning) versus dizziness (which is a generic term which can mean light headedness or feeling unbalanced).
Possible Menieres. Ménière's disease or syndrome is a condition caused by excessive fluid in the inner ear which is associated with hearing loss, a feeling of ear fullness, tinnitus, and vertigo attacks lasting 30min-24hrs. The ear exam is normal and testing helps to make diagnosis. Eustachian problems may cause a water sensation and mild hearing loss but rarely vertigo. Suggest ENT evaluation. Diuretics to treat.