Can I have a tubular pregnancy even id I do not have my tubes tied? I'm feeling bad stomach pains.

Some confusion. Most tubal- ectopic pregnancies are in ladies without tubal operations. Are you pregnant? No pregnancy, signs, symptoms, may not be ectopic. Lots of causes for abdominal pains, so see your pcp to get an exam and sort this out.
Yes, . Yes, a tubal pregnancy can occur both in women who have had a tubal ligation (tubes tied) and those who don't. If you are pregnant or think you may be, and are having pain then you should get an ultrasound to be sure that you don't have a tubal pregnancy. There are other things that can cause pain in pregnancy but tubal pregnancy is always a big concern. Tubal pregnancy is more likely in women who have had prior tubal problems such as infection, but can occur in anyone. Please be seen by a doctor if you are pregnant and having pain.