Is cosmetic surgery painful?

Yes. All surgery is painful after the procedure. Some surgeries more than others. Don't believe any physician who claims the procedure is painless. If they do, search for a different doctor who is honest with you about what to expect.
Pain after surgery. All surgery, regardless of whether it is cosmetic or not, has some level of discomfort involved with it. Pain is well controlled with a variety of pain medications and there are a variety of alternative therapies as well. Most pain after surgery is well tolerated by the patient using these methods. .
Pain in cosmetic sur. Pain is very subjective.Also the pain will depend on what procedure is being performed.Usually body contouring will be more uncomfortable than say a
To some extent. There are many factors that have to be included when considering how painful a procedure is. There is a level of discomfort with every surgical procedure. Medication to decrease this pain can be prescribed. Also, the level of pain threshold of every person is different. If you have a high pain tolerance, then you will not experience a lot of disconfort as compared with a person that has a low one.
Certain things help. 1. Having a surgeon that treats tissue gently results in less post-op pain & swelling. 2. Having a surgeon that uses local anesthetic in the incisions, or does nerve blocks helps alot. 3. Post-op pain is highly variable - not much with a blepharoplasty, much more with a large volume liposuction. 4. We'll do as much as we can to keep you safe and comfortable...
Yes and no. Pain tolerance is extremely variable in a normal population. Some procedures will incur more post-procedure discomfort than others. As a rule of thumb the more aggressive and invasive the procedure, the post procedure discomfort will be greater and last longer. However, for procedures that are likely to cause discomfort in recovery, proper post procedure pain management kills the pain.
Yes and no. That all depends on what you have done. Some things are relatively painless and others have moderate discomfort. It also depends on your pain tolerance.
Varies. Breast augmentation with implants placed under the muscle is one of the more painful cosmetic surgeries. However, this pain can be greatly reduced with a pain pump. The pain pump is inserted during surgery and dispenses a local anesthetic for the first few days after the procedure. I highly recommend the pain pump for all of my breast aug patients.
Depends on surgery. Depending what kind of cosmetic surgery. Eyelid surgery should not be painful at all. Face lift has very little to no pain. Other surgeries are out of my field.
No pain, no gain! For most procedures, the less that is done corelates proportionatey with the results which are either less or not as long lasting. And unfortunately, patients who fall for the painless procedure line are being duped. So mostly no pain, no gain.Having said that, your plastic surgeon will treat the anticipated pain with medication during and after the operation to make you as comfortable as possible.
It should not. Good anesthesia is an essential part of good plastic surgery. If a procedure is too painful, this may be a bad sign. However this being said, the recovery can vary, some procedures are more painful and always expect some soreness. Always do your homework and make sure your plastic surgeon is board certified by the american board of plastic surgery.
It's surgery. With surgery one still makes an incision. Also you may have pain secondary to what goes on under the skin. Talk with your plastic surgeon about pain control. Sometimes at time of surgery they can put in a pain pump. This device runs in numbing medicine so that there is less pain. Please don't expect to be pain free, but is it usually well controlled.
It can be . Any surgery has the potential to be painful but we can often alleviate, diminish, or relieve pain with medications, blocks, pumps, or surgical approaches/techniques.
It depends... Ask your surgeon, he/she should be able to give you honest explanations of what to expect. In general facial plastic procedures do not have much discomfort. In fact, be sure to report it to your surgeon if you have substantial pain postoperatively that is not controlled with any medications reocmmended or prescribed by your md.
No. The vast majority of cosmetic procedures have little or no discomfort. There are some procedures which may be more uncomfortable than others (such a deep chemical peels, co2 laser resurfacing, muscle wall reconstruction of abdomen, etc.). Varies with procedure and patient's threshold.