What does it mean when someone talks about binding and tortureing. The person talk about have a young lady binded up and he would beat her up. He would talk about murder in the papers, on the tv or in movies. He says it is funny to him and he would laugh

Concerning. It is certainly disturbing if the person laughs and states it is funny. Sometimes people act in this manner to be provocative or to gain attention. However if the individual continues this fascination or begins to act on this - that is very worrisome.
You . You may be referring to the btk (gind, torture, kill) serial lkiller dennis lynn rader, who was active (and captured) in wichita, kansas in 2005. Follow the link below for more about rader. In general, binding and torturing is a very old expression used to describe medieval practices used to force "confessions" from heretics by the spanish inquisition. Today these practices are all outlawed by the united nations convention on the treatment of political prisoners. Do not confuse these criminal practices with the sexual fetish activity called "b&d" (for bondage and discipline). People who find the ritual application of mildly painful stimulation to be exciting might not seen to be "normal, " but they are usually just experimenting with something new that they find thrilling. Any behavior that becomes a compulsion is by definition dangerous and needs to be broutht to the attention of a trusted professioinal counselor, a pediatrician or your primary care physician. You should never draw any conclusions about anyhing you read on the internet without first checking out your concerns with your own physician.