How do I know if I am a good candidate for artefill? It is a bit embarrassing, but I am a man who wants to erase the wrinkles on my face. I know these treatments are mostly designed for use on women. Will artefill be useful for me too? B

Artefill use. Artefill can certainly be used by both men and women. It is a permanent decision and for that reason, it's generally used in patients who have had fillers and before and know they like the look. We use a lot of arteill in our practice and as a training physician for artefill I am very comfortable with using it in a wide variety of ways.
Artifll. Artifll is very effective and is permanent. I am much more of a fan of using your own fat. It is also permanent but it can be removed if necessary if it isn't injected in the exact right place. Artifill cannot be removed.
Don't. Don't be embarrassed. Actually men are excellent candidate for non-surgical options for the face like artefill long-term filler. I was interviewed in cosmetic surgery times recently about the special considerations that we make for the face of the man. Men especially want to look natural, and they don't want to keep coming in for maintenance, like women seem better at accepting. This makes artefill perfect for men. Good luck! A little background that might help you: I am a cosmetic surgeon who has used artefill for about 5 years. My experience has been exceptional in every respect. I like artefill's predictability and smoothness. Patient like the fact that they are paying for something one time, and getting (likely) 10-15 years of volume correction. It costs about twice what the other fillers cost, but over time it cost about a fifth of the others (over time). A great value. The make of artefill is a us company, and they are the only company that has submitted 5-years safety data to the fda. There are concerns with an filler, but the safety of all fillers are very high, if placed by an experienced injector. Ask to see 5 or 10 sets of before and after photos, and you'll know you got the right injector!