I have a lot of health problems, back injury, copd, overweight, depression, what kind of doctor would be the best to treat me hurt my back many years ago always have pain, I suffer from panic attacks everyday, I have under active theroid, over weight, can

Doctor. Would start with a general practitioner which can be an internist or family practitioner. This person can evaluate you and help you organize your care. Also if referrals need to be made, this person will help coordinate them for you. With a number of insurance plans, it is required that referrals come from a primary care physician which is what these persons are. Do your research.Find a good one.
One . One physician may not be able to treat all your problems, but given the complexity of your problems, and the seriousness of a permanent condition such as copd, an internist may your best choice for a primary care physician. Family physicians, pediatricians, general practitioners and internists can all serve as primary care physicians - the "home base" and starting place for a patient's general health care. Some women may even have general/primary care services delivered by their gynecologist. An internist is a primary care doctor for adults only (no surgery, no pediatrics, no ob/gyn), and is trained in general medicine as well as subspecialty training in the complex and chronic diseases common in adults, especially those that arise from the "internal organs" (heart, lungs, intestines, hormone glands, etc.). When a problem demands a specialist, an internist is well equipped to direct you to the correct referral.