Why is my period late? My husband and I are trying to conceive. I have been keeping track of my cycle and according to an ovulation calculator I was supposed to ovulate around the 4th of october. My period was supposed to start on monday the 17th. It is n

Unless . Unless you took an early prediction home pregnancy test, it may have been too early to get a positive result. If you still have not had a period yet, then you are one week late today, and you can re-test today. If the result is negative or the line is very faint(the line that predicts pregnancy) you can always request a blood pregnancy test be done by your doctor. As far as the pains you were having, it is very difficult to say what they represented. The fact that it lasted only an hour and has resolved is reassuring. If the pain returns or your period starts and it's heavier than normal with pain or cramping out of the ordinary you should visit your doctor. Good luck.