What can be causing a pain around the coccyx? I am eighteen, and I have had chronic constipation all of my life. About a day ago, I noticed a soreness above my anus, around my coccyx that has been gradually getting worse. I did not fall, and the soreness

This . This sounds suspicious for a pilonidal cyst/sinus that may be infected. This is more common in young men. If infected antibiotics and sometimes draining any infected fluid may be needed. If not infected then some recommend soaks but occasionally surgery to excise the cyst or sinus is needed. A general or colorectal surgeon usually manages this. Of course there are other possibilities so this should be looked at by a physician.
Infection. Biggest concern is for evolving inflammatory process: pilonidal cyst; peri-anal abscess; evolving fistula; inflammatory bowel disease etc.. If symptoms are persisting get evaluated by general surgeon or colorectal specialist or gastroenterologist.