Itchy stomach, itchy and sore nipples and breast, nausea but no throwing up. Severe headaches, cold symptons, dizziness, blurry vision fatigue, back pain. Have 3 kids, got tubal ligation 7 yrs ago, still get my period every month, mood swings. Please help

Still cycling. If you got the long acting depo shot you will stop cycling.
You . You have quite a number of symptoms. It's difficult to say if they are all related or represent different issues. If you are concerned about pregnancy (not sure if that is your question) the only way to know is to have testing done. This can be done at home or in your doctor's office. Iud's are not 100% effective, so this is a possibility, although small. Regardless, all the above stated symptoms warrant investigation. This would be a good time to have your annual physical exam by your primary care provider, or a routine office visit if you had a physical already in the past year. You may be suffering from high blood pressure, thyroid problem, hormonal imbalance, diabetes, or anemia. The list goes on. The only way to find out is to have a thorough medical evaluation. Good luck.