Do I go to ER room with this tonight or tough out till tomorrow am? I had a root canal monday and am taking levaquin (6 days into it). Late this evening started hurting badly and pain killer is not helping. Concerned because head is hurting around jaw a

See a dentist. Most er's are not equipped to deal with this type of dental problem. They will prescribe antibiotics and pain killers, and that seems not to have solved your problem. Call the dentist who did the root canal for advice.
Call your dentist. Most emergency rooms have no idea how to handle dental pain. Unless there is swelling under your jaw, you should call the dentist that treated you.
In . In a case such as this (pain after dental procedure) before going to an emergency room you should call the dentist that performed the procedure. The dentist will be able to get a quick assesment of your problems over the phone and decide the next best course of action. If they deem it is typical post procedure pain, then a stronger pain medication or other medication may be called into a 24 hour pharmacy. If something more serious is suspected your dentist will advise you on how to proceed. I know this was about 4 days ago. I hope your issue has been resolved by now.