My 21 mo old fell out of bed, don't think she hit her head, 5 min later she threw up but is acting normal otherwise! Advice? Its been over an hr now and shes still ok but gave her some milk and she threw it up

The . The american academy of pediatrics recommends that you call your child's doctor for advice for anything more than a light bump on the head. If your child is alert, moving normally and responsive to you, then it's most likely a mild injury and you can follow up with your child's doctor in a day or two. It's ok to let them sleep/nap at this point if they are tired. If your child worsens, however, then that would be a reason to go to the emergency room. Other reasons to seek emergency care are: -vomiting -worsening headache -confusion -slurred speech -changes in behavior such as increasing irritability or fussiness -worsening coordination such as trouble walking or clumsiness -seizures -changes in pupils such as one larger than the other -lasting or recurrent dizziness -blood or fluid coming from the nose or ears - large bumps or bruises on areas other than the forehead - especially in infants a good rule of thumb is when in doubt, get it checked out! give your child's doctor a call with any questions.
Trauma with nausea . I think it is always best to double check and have an urgent care doctor or better yet an er physician check things out.