I would like to know if I have some disorder and would like to know if it can be treated. I find myself being tired all day I cannot seem to get enough sleep. I've tried energy drinks, coffee and a good breakfast but nothing works. I am easily irriated an

Could be many things. See your doctor. There are mental health problems that could be causing this but also physical ones, such as anemia, sleep apnea, hypothyroidism... Many others. Important to rule them out one by one, in the order that a professional thinks are the most likely culprits.
First, . First, if you have or think you mighthave a mental health problem, the good news is that help is available and modern treatments are very effective. Second, get sound professional advice from your community resurces. The limk below will take you to a list of mental health resources available in or near hutchinson, mn. Remember, never draw any conclusions about your own health from a web source alone. You must always get help from a qualified professiomal. Your primary care physician is a good source for a referral. I always worry about peoole who has such innocent general questions. If you have a problem, no matter how embarassig or how personal, that is praying on your mind. Write down on a piece of paper exactly what is happening to you, what you fear might happen, and then seek help for exactly what is bothering you. Mental health and substance abuse care is strictly confidential.