What is causing me to have chest pain on the right side of my chest near my shoulder up to the base of my neck? Hi doctor, I am experiencing pain in the right side of my chest that goes sometime to the base of my neck. I am getting over a cold and I have

Strain. Most likely strain, but you and your phisician need to rule out other causes: arthritis, nerve compression, tumor, rotator cuff problems, cardiac pain, etc.
Based . Based on the history you gave including your symptoms and blood pressure(bp) readings, you are in fact at risk for a heart or stroke. You should schedule a visit with your doctor right away or go to a local emergency room if your chest pain is still present. You need an examination, blood tests, and treatment for your high BP (hypertension), you will also need an ekg. All these things will help your doctor determine any cardiac issues present, along with other issues that are contributory. Cutting down on alcohol would also be a good idea, especially since you are on medications (for your depression) that interact with alcohol. Please see a doctor right away if you have not done so already.