I need help reading my HIV test results my HIV antibody test came back positive but everything else was negative and my whole over all result was negative

Concern. You should have the test repeated but do understand also that not all HIV infection leads to aids. Nonetheless they can transmit the disease to other people.
The . The first test that is done is called elisa. This test detects antibodies to hiv. If this test is negative, then the person is considered HIV neg and the testing stops. If this test is positive, as in your case, then a second test is done to confirm these results. This test is called a western blot. This test detects specific protein bands consistent with HIV infection. If this test is negative, as in your case, then that is considered to be negative. The bottom line is you are HIV negative, based on the information given in this question. If you have any further questions or concerns, please consult the doctor that ordered the tests.