How soon after breast augmentation can I go on a vacation to hawaii?

Be Safe. It would be best to be geographically close to your plastic surgeon for a minimum of two weeks following breast augmentation. If a problem should arise, you would want to be able to obtain treatment quickly from the surgeon who treated you as opposed to someone in a different state who doesn't know exactly what was done and how. Be conservative, especially with this investment in your health.
Usually two weeks. Most complications have manifested themselves by this time but check with your surgeon.
When surgeon approve. It really depends on the technique and the surgeon. Even if you could go on vacation, the next question would be what activities would you be permitted to do. You may be allowed to travel the next day but what food would it be to sit in your hotel room all day. I would recommend a minimum of 6 weeks.
7-10 days. I would wait for at least a week or two so that you have at least one post op visit and make sure everything is ok.
Depends on type. Depending on the type of implant and its approach made to place it (i.e. Periareolar, armpit, under breast) and whether it is on top of, or under the muscle. It is usual to wait a couple of weeks before swimming or strongly using your arms.
Soon. Most people can perform essential activities the next day. Normal activity is usually at 1-2 weeks.
Vacation after aug. I would go the next day! seriously, i would allow at least two weeks to make sure you feel your best to enjoy the vacation. Every patient is different and you doctor will help you decide.