How severe is the pain of a facelift?

Should be mild. Your facial plastic surgeon can give you details on what to expect, but the discomfort is usually mild and relatively short lived. Severe pain, especially if associated with swelling, after facelift may be sign of a serious problem and you should report this to your surgeon asap.
Pain after Facelift. One of the great things about performing facial plastic surgery is that there is generally little pain. In fact if a patient complains of a lot of pain, it makes the surgeon suspicious of developing a hematoma.
Minimal. In my experience of over 1000 facelifts, patients have only mild to moderate "discomfort" which is not your typical "incisional" style of pain after most types of surgery. With a facelift, there is some regional numbness that is temporary and helps keep pain at a minimum. Most of my patients take prescription strength pain medication for 1-2 days and then switch to plain tylenol (acetaminophen). Hope this helps!
Facelift recovery. Many of my patients who underwent a facelift by a plastic surgeon have not mentioned pain as a signficant factor. Usually it is the swelling and bruising that upsets them and this can be minimal in some people. The tightness lessens and feels more comfortable soon after the procedure.
Shouldn't be bad. Postop facelift pain should be easily controlled with something like vicodin. If it is not, you need to contact your surgeon, as this may signify a complication such as postoperative bleeding.
Minimal. There is very little discomfort associated with face lifting procedures. Most patients will experience some neck tightness, but this quickly resolves.
Very mild. Most patients are pleasantly surprised at the relatively modest discomfort they experience following facelift. In fact, many patients will take only tylenol (acetaminophen) or nothing at all following the procedure. Severe pain is so unusual as to suggest a complicaton such as bleeding and should be brought to attention of your surgeon right away.
Pain of a facelift? Hello, While pain is concern, in my patient's experience, this is not an issue. Most patients that receive medication for pain after surgery do not use this medication. They take over the counter Tylenol (acetaminophen). A great deal depends on how the doctor preforms the procedure and how many other procedures you have at the same time as your facelift. But, why are you considering a facelift at 34?
Facelift pain. During surgery, a facelift surgeon uses local anesthesia to control pain. As this wears off, the patient may experience some pain but this experience varies between patients. Some people require narcotic pain relievers after surgery while others only need over the counter products.
Facelift pain. Most of my facelift patients never use a pain pill and almost never complain of pain as a concern of their recovery. The majority use a little tylenol (acetaminophen) extra strength and some ice packs for a few days. Overall a very minimally painful surgery.