I always go to the bathroom a lot but when I go theres nothing there! I go poo or pee and nothing comes out

It . It sounds like you are describing an urge to urinate and deficate. However when you have this urge nothing happens. I hope I am correct in understanding your question. The act of pushing (when trying to have a bowel movement) send signals to your brain that often cause a desire to urinate as well. This could why they are happening at the same time (if I am correct in understanding your issue). However, the reason why this is happening may be related or seperate. You could be dealing with a urinary tract infection(uti), structural damage(did you recently give birth?) an intestinal infection, neuromuscular condition, etc. Etc. I suggest you see your primary care provider for a more detailed history of this problem, exam, and hopefully treatment. Good luck please feel free to re-submit your questions with more details.