9/25 I lost my mother. 10/1 icame down with acute bronchitus, asthma, . I was prescribed predisone, an antiobiotic, couch syrup & decongestants. I am better, but completly exhausted every bone & muscle hurts I have no stamina. Sleep all the time I am bi

Cause? Though you cannot rule out the bronchitis, etc you experienced, your cannot completely eliminate your loss of 9-25 as a contributor to your current symptoms. If you are bipolar, are you taking antidepressants? Might be a good time to speak with your psych.
I . I am so sorry for your loss. So many different things could be causing your symptoms. It could definitely be psychological such as depression or adjustment disorder (grief) from your recent loss, but it could also be physical such as a low thyroid hormone, iron deficiency, or even infectious mono (ebv virus). Also, depending on how ill you were from your acute bronchitis and asthma, you could have residual fatigue from your illness. The best way to figure out what is going on is to contact your doctor and discuss your symptoms. They may want to do some testing in order to rule out certain disorders that could be causing your fatigue. Good luck!