How much time off should I take after getting a breast augmentation?

Usually One Week. Most patients return to work after one week but strenuous activity is disallowed for three weeks after surgery. Soreness usually resolves within three to five days, and bruising and swelling should be minimal.
Maybe one week. You may feel well enough to return to work after anywhere from three to seven days after breast augmentation.
Depends. Depends on what you do for a living... Deskwork should be ok 3 days later. Light activity work (filing, driving, etc..) about a week. Physical activity will require approximately 2 weeks. Make sure you tell your surgeons what type of duties you have at work so you know exactly how much time off you will need.
Job description? It may depend on you job description. If you have an occupation requiring heavy duty lifting, it may be adviseable to wait 4-6 weeks. For example, nurses at our hospital are not allowed to return to work unless there are no lifting restrictions. If you have a desk job, you could concievably be back to work in 3-5 days. This is more likely if over the muscle placement is utilized.
Depends. Most patients can perform essential activities the next day. Most return to normal routine in 1-2 weeks.
Recovery after aug. Off from what? Activities vary. Desk work may start after a few days but strenuous exercise should wait for 2 weeks. Every individual is different. As you recover you will see how you feel and what your motivation is for various activities. Your doctor will help you make the decision.
One week. For at least two weeks you have to be careful to limit excessive arm movement. This means you cannot pull, push or lift anything over 10 lbs during that time. You cannot reach your arms up above your head or stretch out your arms during that time either. If you have a sedentary job that does not require any of these activities, then you can return to work after a few days.
Minimum 2 wks. Typically 2 weeks off is recommended for patients undergoing breast augmentation.