How long does it take to recover from having a tummy tuck?

3-6 weeks. I typically recommend that patients take off 1-2 weeks from work depending upon their line of work. They then ease into activities during weeks 3-4 and work up to full activities by week 6. These are general guidelines. As every person is different, i recommend seeing a board certified plastic surgeon who can assess you as an individual and determine what your recovery will likely be.
About two weeks, but. There is one specific limitation i place on my abdominoplasty patients: no heavy lifting for 6 weeks. This is because the abdominal wall muscles are repaired and replaced to the midline with this operation. Functionally, this is like a hernia repair. 6 weeks is necessary to allow the repair to gain maximal strength, so no lifting that involves the core, no situps and no crunches for 6 weeks.
2 weeks. Most people return to normal, non-strenuous activity, in 2 weeks.
Few days til shower. Few days for desk job 2 weeks or longer for physical work. 3 months before working abs.
6 weeks . Patients are often back to work at a desk job in 10 days. Unrestricted activity at 6 weeks is typical.
Varies but 2 weeks. This varies tremendously from one individual to another; however, the average patient takes about 2 weeks to return to light duty type activiites.
2-4 weeks. Typical patients return to a desk job in two weeks, while more strenuous activities may require 4-6 weeks before resumption.
3-6 weeks. I advise patients to take 3 weeks off from work. Additionally, i ask patients not to drive for 3 weeks. If you were to press the brakes suddenly in this period you could pop sutures, so it is just a precaution. Some people do start working from home at 7-10 days. You should be able to resume regular work routine after 3 weeks. At 6 weeks you should be able to resume your full exercise routine.