Should I wear glasses everyday? Do my eye sight get worse if I don't wear them everyday? My friends and teacher kept telling me that if I don't wear my glasses everyday, my eyes would get worse, is that true? Doesnt it get worse when u wear ur glasses als

Depends on age. Wearing the correct spectacle correction will never make your vision weaker-- it will only allow you to see better. Not wearing your glasses under the age of ten may cause the eye to not develop to their full visual potential.
Wearing . Wearing your glasses or not wearing your glasses will not worsen or improve your refractive error (degree of near-sightedness, far-sightedness, or astigmatism). Your reading vision may improve with glasses wear, but this depends on your refractive error. For example, if you have significant astigmatism or a strong near-sighted prescription, your reading vision may improve with glasses wear. If you are young and only mildly near-sighted or far-sighted, then glasses wear when reading may not be necessary. Taking off your glasses should not damage your eyes or worsen your refractive error. Eyestrain has many possible causes. Eyestrain can be caused by dryness which can develop from prolonged reading or computer use. Consider use artificial tears as needed when reading or using the computer. This may improve your symptoms. Eyestrain may also be caused by an weaker than necessary or incorrect glasses prescription. Discuss your symptoms with your eye doctor as this may require further evaluation. Reading will not cause your refractive error to worsen, nor should it cause the refractive error in the first place. The reason a person develops a refractive error is still being studied. There is no study-proven evidence that any particular foods will reduce a refractive error and dependence on glasses. Ask your eye doctor specifically what your refractive error is, how your glasses will improve your vision, the goal of glasses wear, and whether full-time wear is preferable or optional.