How long does it take to heal after breast reduction surgery?

Ranges. Most people return to normal activity in 2 weeks, but actual healing (swelling, scarring, return of sensation) takes up to 6 months.
2 weeks. In my practice, i advise patients to take 1-2 weeks off of work.
About a week or so. After a breast reduction, most people are sore for the first few days. The pain seems to steadily improve and most are feeling pretty good in a week or two. Occasionally, people have twinges of pain that occur intermittently over the next few months but it's generally not too bad.
Redux Recovery. First, let me just say plastic surgeons love this procedure...Why? This is the happiest patient in the office! and why are they so happy? No back, neck, or shoulder pain. You look like you have lost 20 lbs. Your clothes fit better and it's easier to exercise. The benefits start as soon as you wake up! so, even though we say a week and then to to work, it is a week spent with a great big smile!
Recovery BR. Discomfort, swelling and discoloration of the breasts are expected for several weeks. Usually, our patients return to most normal activity within two weeks. The scars at the incision lines typically become reddish, raised and firm a few weeks after surgery, but during the first several months they become pale and soft.