Is dandelion safe for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding?

Uncertain. Although the use of dandelion root has been use in alternative therapy for years there are no definitive studies indicating safety. There are also no definitive medical benefits proven in the scientific literature. Some beleive it may help with milk production. Without good evidence of safety or known health benefits it would irresponsible to recommend it.

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Dandelion capsules 500 mg as mild diuretic alternative safety during breastfeeding not pregnancy? Maximum safe dose?

Better not use it. Although it's an herb, it is still a medicine, safety isn't established in pregnancy or during breastfeeding. It still interacts with other medicines. If you really need a water pill for a medical reason, why not ask your doctor about it. Please don't self medicate, check this link for more information, wish you and your baby wellness, Read more...