White stuff coming out of my nipples when I squeeze them. I use to have a piercing in 1 of my breast, it's gone now. I squeeze stuff out of it sometimes. When I squeezed my breast 1 night white hard looking stuff come out of my nipple, then I squeezed the

Nipple . Nipple discharge can represent a variety of things. If the cause was infectious you would likely have associated symptoms including erythema(redness), pain, odor, and possibly fever. Milky discharge can be normal and resolve spontaneously or could be due to one of the following: tumors (proctinoma), breast cancer, benign breast masses (fibroadenomas), hormonal changes(mirena (levonorgestrel) does contain a small amout of hormone), even an injury or trauma to the breast can cause this. As you see there are many possibilites, even more than listed here. I recommend a visit with your primary car eprovider or gynecologist for complete exam, and evaluation of this problem. Good luck.