How long does it take for a droopy eyelid to recover after catarract surgery?

Up to 2 months. Many factors can contribute to drooping of the eyelid after cataract surgery. In most cases the droop resolves gradually but in about 1/3 of cases it can resist partially or totally after 2 months. In those situations a ptosis surgery is needed to correct the eyelid position.
A few weeks to month. Usually it is temporary but it can be permanent as well.
Varies. Most droopy lids associated with a stretch injury to nerves innervating lid elevators will recover quickly over several days. Others will take a few weeks and some will need corrective surgery if no recovery is seen after a few months.

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3 weeks out cataract surgery. First, blurry vision, droopy eyelid, & now torn retina. Can it all be repaired? What does it involve?

Yes. Surgery can repair the droopy eyelid as well as the torn retina. It depends on what is causing the droopy eyelid to determine what treatment works the best. Also, depends on how much of the retina is detached to determine what treatment works the best and what the vision prognosis is. Your ophthalmologist will be able to help you. Good luck! Read more...