Should I go to the doctor for my jaw or will it be fine if I just treat at home? I recently got hit in the jaw twice while playing soccer. Once with a ball there days ago and again with someone's shoulder yesterday. Now it is really sore whenever I open

If. If your jaw noticably deviates to one side when you try to open you mouth or if you are unable to chew due to weakness (not just pain), I would consult a doctor. Furthermore, if the pain doesn't subside over the next week, you may want to be checked. Of course, it never hurts to call your doctor to ask them if you should come in. If you seek medical consultation, you may also want to consider checking with your dentist or oral surgeon since jaw pain can be due to TMJ disorders, fractured teeth, or other dental conditions.
TMJ pain. May have injured the temporal mandibular joint. Should follow with doctor if not better in 1 week. If you cannot eat you should see doctor sooner.