How long do you have to wait after giving birth to get a tummy tuck?

6 months. Returning close to a pre-pregnancy and maintainable weight is important before undergoing a tummy tuck. Some women bounce back quickly in this area after a pregnancy and others take longer. My average weighting period is six months after birth but this is a general guideline only. Good luck with the new baby!
Post preg/TT time? Usually 3 to 6 months or until you are close to pre pregnancy weight..
This varies. Your question is a common one but it prompts more questions: is this your last baby (makes little sense to get a tummy tuck until after your last child). Are you a good candidate for a tummy tuck?(will the procedure correct the problems you see with your tummy?) could a lesser procedure work for you (liposuction, skin-only tummy tuck, etc.). Who will care for your child while you recover?
Depends months. An important consideration in recovery after a tummy tuck is parenting and the ability to lift a small child. Also, ideally you need to have lost extra weight. Accounting for these factors, it could be as early as a few months but often best to wait a year or two.
6 months. It depends on the person. It is best to get to a stable weight and to be there for several months prior to undergoing and body contouring procedure. It would be a shame to have a tummy tuck, then loose another 20 pounds and end up needing a revisional surgery. I recommend going to see a board certified plastic surgeon who can make specific recommendations and a treatment plan for you.
Several Factors... That really depends on several factors. If we are just talking "time" then usually 4-6 months is probably fine but it does depend on whether the woman's post baby body is still in the state of flux, or if it has it leveled off...And a tummy tuck can be one of the more difficult recoveries so arrangements have to be made to take care of the newborn as well...
About 3-6 months. Give yourself at least 3-6 months and get back to normal weight.